Live a longer and healthier life

Lifespan is how long you live. Your Healthspan is how long you are healthy.
We help leaders like you do everything to maximize performance, live longer and healthier lives, and achieve the best possible versions of themselves.

Our integrated, science-based
program helps you…

Our integrated,
science-based program
helps you…

Reach your potential

We focus on boosting your performance and reducing injury risk, ultimately helping improve your health span: the years you stay well.

Make more impactful changes

By taking a complete look at your health and habits today, we can tell you how to optimize tomorrow.

Stay on track and focused

Get ongoing guidance in person and at your fingertips from our best-in-class wellness team.

How It Works

Get a comprehensive healthspan assessment

Get a comprehensive
healthspan assessment

Our advanced scientific testing gives you a deeper understanding of your body and performance than routine tests. Together with your personal goals, this information is used to design your action plan.

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Blood Work

Over 85 markers looking at heart health, metabolism, vitamin levels, and more.

Physical Assessment

An evaluation of your body composition, strength, and more, completed at our state-of-the-art performance facility in Silicon Valley.

Lifestyle Assessment

A quantified analysis of your eating, exercise, and sleep habits.


Receive your personalized action plan

Your plan focuses on improving the foundations of your wellness, with recommendations tailored for your strengths, limitations, and tradeoffs.

Physical activity

Strength, mobility and
cardiovascular fitness


Nutrient needs,
eating patterns


Sleep, recovery

Functional health

Physical therapy,


Mindset, motivation

Reach your goals with
one-on-one guidance

Kudos Steve! You’re in good physical shape for your Yosemite hike. Keep it up!


Thanks Ashley!

Reach your goals with
one-on-one guidance

Your Client Advocate will help you set short-term goals that ladder up to larger achievements, supporting you along the way. You’ll track your success with the Apeiron Life mobile app, advanced wearables, and by completing follow-up assessments regularly.

Every Apeiron Life membership includes access to personal training, nutrition guidance, massage, acupuncture, and other services from our team of experts.